Alarms & Car Accessories in Plano, TX

We provide the highest quality products at affordable prices. Alta Mere Window Tint & Alarm is the obvious choice to meet your needs.

Automotive Security Systems, Keyless Entry and Remote Start

We use Directed, Audiovox, Prestige and Pursuit Electronics. Enjoy the convenience of a Keyless Entry or the security of an Alarm System in your vehicle. Let us install a Remote Start in your vehicle and you can have it cooled off or warmed up before you ever get into it.

DVD Players

We sell and install DVD systems for trucks, vans, SUVs and cars.

Audio Systems

We sell Pioneer, Panasonic, Kenwood and other systems for your vehicle. Upgrade those factory speakers for a great sounding ride. Upgrade that radio and add bluetooth for safety and convenience.
Speaker - Car Stereo in Plano TX