Best Auto Tinting Service in Plano, TX

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- 1/14/16
"The ONLY place to go and have your car windows tinted.

Very professional, great work and they strive to make everyone completely happy. They will work with you in every respect. Reservation times accepted and they stay on schedule. Every car I have owned I had tinted at Alta Mere."
- 6/17/16
"Alta Mere is the best tinting experience I've ever had. Communication was great, they're friendly and professional, and they took extra special care with my new car. They did a great job! If you need tinting in Dallas, I suggest them over anyone. (Coming from a native Dallas woman)"
- 7/25/15
"Would recommend these guys. Don't be afraid to ask questions and inspect the work afterward. Schedule an appointment in advance, made things easy to get in and out for me. Randy is very friendly and knowledgeable."
- 8/15/15
"I don't think I've ever seen a place on Yelp or elsewhere with more than 10 reviews and nothing under 4 stars. I can tell you it's deserved. I made an appointment to get my new Dodge Charger tinted. I walked in on a Tuesday after work, they explained all their options and what I could do & keep everything legal. I also wanted some tint over the AS1 line on the windshield. He quoted me the exact price I paid out the door, tax included without me even asking."
- 5/22/15
"I was recommended another place by my dealership after buying a new car, but did some research and decided to go with these guys instead. I am so glad I did."