Automotive Window Tinting in Plano, TX

At Alta Mere in Plano, TX, we use only the finest films, Llumar, Wincos, and Madico. We have the latest technology films to keep your vehicle cooler and to protect you and your vehicle from harmful UV rays. Our SolarCeramic Wincos Extreme IR Heat Rejection film has up to 65% Heat Rejection so that you remain cooler in your vehicle.
Wincos, short for “Window Cosmetic”, provides a higher level of visibility by not relying on dark tints to provide protection. In the past, you had to darken your vehicles windows with metallic film to get good heat rejection. Those days are gone forever when you opt for our Wincos film. Solar heat comes from two primary sources, the visible light you can see and the infrared light you can feel. Wincos films reject up to 92% of the sun's heat-producing infrared light and up to 65% of the heat coming through your windows. Wincos also blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, helping to reducing fading and cracking on your interior. No other automotive film on the market can out perform Wincos.

Compare :
Wincos film : 51 % Heat Rejection @ 50 % Light Transmission
3M Ceramic film : 47% Heat Rejection @ 50 % Light Transmission
Llumar Ceramic Film : 40% Heat Rejection @ 50% Light Transmission
SunTex Ceramic Film : 48% Heat Rejection @ 50% Light Transmission

With five distinct levels of density and visibility, Wincos provides the greatest range of appearances from almost clear to very private. The variety was created to conform to both state laws and the driver's individual desires. Night time vision is enhanced with the ultra-light 60% and 70% films, while glare reduction and privacy can be maximized with the 20% and 30% versions. Amazingly, performance stays virtually the same with all densities
Auto - Window Tinting in Plano TX
  • Do you have a vehicle with the dreaded DOTS on the back window?
    Well, we have a solution for the DOTS. It's called DOTRIX and it looks great. Use it on your Corvette, Camaro, Firebird, Cavalier, Cobalt, or Mustang.
  • Do you have a sunroof that lets in too much heat?
    We now have a tint that is compatable with most sunroofs and can be used to reduce the heat you feel from the sunroof.
  • Do you want heat rejection and UV protection on your windshield?
    We now have a tint that meets the state laws for windshields and will block 99% of the UV rays and 28% of the heat.
  • Do you want to protect the interior of your car from harmful UV rays?
    The UV rays cause damage to you and the interior of your vehicle. The UV rays are responsible for the fading and cracking of your vehicles interior panels, dash and seats. Tinting your vehicle will block 99% of the harmful UV rays, protecting you and your vehicle's interior.

We offer the following choices of film:

  • Econo Tint - 1 year warranty and 1 shade. A great basic tint.
  • Econo Plus Tint - 3 year warranties with 3 shades. The perfect addition for any vehicle, for any budget. This tint is a great starter option and offers basic shade, UV protection and relief from high temperatures.
  • SolarGenics Tint - Lifetime Warranty with 4 shades to choose from. Greater heat rejection and darker shading than the Econo or Econo Plus films makes this a good choice for adding comfort and privacy to your vehicle.
  • SolarCeramic Tint - Lifetime Warranty and 4 shades to choose from. This is the ultimate heat rejection film, the one to choose for maximum comfort. Our SolarCeramic Wincos film offers the most extreme infrared (IR) rejection in the industry. Infrared (IR) waves are what heat up you and your vehicle. Maximum comfort can be achieved by targeting and blocking the IR wavelengths. The Wincos film line boasts the highest IR rejection, up to 92%, while maintaining the highest possible visible light. You can have up to 65% Heat Rejection with the Wincos film.
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